me in the corner 

me in the corner 

Born and raised in rural Alberta, Carmen traveled and lived around the world, then eventually settled in Montreal seven years ago. She's been published in Adbusters, CHIC by St. Germain, and L’Officiel magazines, the literary anthology “emerge”, and one of her publications lives in a Norton Anthology university textbook on essay writing. 

She completed a certificate in creative non-fiction at The Writer's Studio at Simon Fraser University in 2008 alongside successful authors, and under the mentorship of writer Wayde Compton. Sheila Heti invited her to contribute to the collaborative book “Women in Clothes”. 

She's been a full-time copywriter in advertising for six years. Look for her longform essay on love addiction coming out in an upcoming Humber Literary Review

**She's currently looking for an agent and/or publisher for her full-length memoir on the realities of love addiction.**